Terms and Conditions

As a customer you have the obligation to:
Provide accurate and true data regarding your personal information as well as company information;
If you agree on the cost of an order and do not cancel it according to the conditions on our Return and cancellation policy page, to pay for the service provided by our company;
Provide detailed instructions before requesting any images to be processed.

As a service provider we have the obligation to:
Provide you with a free price evaluation any time you request it;
Not to start processing any of your images and charge you before you agree to the price stated in the price evaluation;
Drop any charges for any order if this is canceled according to the conditions on our Return and cancellation policy page;

Here you can also see our terms and conditions:
Payment is done only after the images are delivered, once per month. An pdf invoice will be available. You can pay through pay pal or bank transfer, in both cases the customer pays for the transaction fees (4% EUR account management, or the swift tax in case of bank transfer);
Please send orders of minimum 20 images, otherwise, there will be a 10 Euros extra processing fee;
All the images are delivered in maximum 24 hours(except orders that have a large volume of images with an difficulty level of complexity), which means, 24 hours after you send us your e-mail confirming that you agree with the price evaluation, the images will be ready for download;
We don’t work on Sundays, however, if the images are uploaded on Saturday morning, sometimes they can be delivered on Saturday evening. There will be exceptions when we will process images on Sunday , after a pre-discussion;

The finished images will be available for one month (stored on the server), in which you can download them anytime as many times as you wish. After one month we might erase the images;

If the invoice is payed by pay pal, the customer will include the Pay Pal fees (4% EUR account management);
If you agree with our Terms and conditions, you automatically agree with receiving and newsletter from time to time regarding our services. If you no longer want to receive newsletter from our company, just send us an email, and we will remove your email from our database;
Otherwise there are no other terms or conditions which you must know.
Prices offered without discount : Complexity I- 1.89 to 5.25€ / image; Complexity II- 2.79 to 7.69€ / image; Complexity III- 3.69 to 10.25€/ image; Masking- 3.69 to 10.25€/ image

Our new office is now:
Timis, Utvin, Sanmihaiu Roman, No. 280/B – Romania

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