You can have a state-of-the-art e-commerce platform with features that enable to manage your online store with a few clicks, but without professional product images, your business could lack credibility. In the online environment the image is key in capturing your potential buyer attention, making him curious about the product and offer him as many visual information about the product as possible.

Why product photography can be such a challenge?

Often first-time e-commerce entrepreneurs get stuck in the e-shop content phase. Publishing and managing products prove to be a much tougher job that it seems. When it come to product photography, the general impression is that you’ll need an expensive professional photographer with a state o the art studio and equipment. This is a great way to go if you have the budget, but just note that you cheaper DYI alternatives.

With the equipment you have at your disposal, and with an editing touch, your product photos can get a great look. Even a smartphone with a good camera can do the trick. You’ll also need a few other accessories, but don’t worry, you don’t have to break the bank to get them.

  1. Get a tripod. This is essential to prevent your camera’s shake and loss of focus. This device ensures clear product images with focus exactly where it was intended. A blurred product photo can be a good enough reason for a potential customer to navigate away from your e-commerce store. The tripod is also important because it lets you create the styling, the composition and the context of your images.
  2. Light is essential for great product images. That’s why, detailed oriented professional photographers spend a great amount of time until they can get the light right just for one product. If you are just starting you need fast and cheaper lighting solutions. One that comes in handy is the natural light. Organizing your product photoshoot near the window can be one way to tackle this issue.
  3. Different angles. Your goal is to present your product as detailed as possible. That’s why, for every product take photos from different angles. Also, some closeups would be nice to show off those details that can make a good selling point.
  4. Adapt to the platform format. This is important. Some platforms ask for landscape images, while others need portrait images, and on others you’ll need both. That’s why is crucial to anticipate ant take photos that will not loose their quality when cropped.
  5. A packaging photo is mandatory especially for handcrafted items. The packaging is a branding element that completes the buyer’s experience. Also, a creative packaging cand be a great way to style a photo and put the product into context.

If you follow these 5 tips, you’ll get a great set of images. For the final touches, we’ll be happy to put our professional photo editing skills at your service.

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